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Control your cash flow with the convenience and security of Direct Payments

Make secure online payments directly into the recipient's account.

With Direct Payments1 you can eliminate paper checks and help avoid late fees with secure, expedited electronic payments.

  • Ensure individuals or businesses get paid on time by making all your payments electronically, directly into the recipient's account
  • Make electronic payments to practically anyone inside or outside the U.S.—vendors, other businesses or employees
  • Control the speed: Wire money same day or transfer money next day or third business day inside or outside the U.S.
  • Eliminate paper checks and hold on to your funds longer

Try it with no monthly fee for three full months, with no obligation.1
That's a value of $10 a month; a total of $30.

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Direct Payments

Try it for 3 full months,
with no monthly fee and no obligation.
That's a value of $10 a month — a total of $30.

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Onscreen discloure 1: Hypothetical small business owner. Not representative of any specific client experience.

Onscreen disclosure 2: Monthly and other fees may apply. See product and pricing details link at the end of this video.

Molly: Growing up, I only wore jeans. Your typical tomboy. When I got older, that all changed. But my love for denim never faded.

When I started my own denim company, nobody told me I would spend 80% of my day on paperwork.

I wanted a way to save time and money when paying my vendors. So I started using Direct Payments. Now I save on postage costs and I get discounts on ACH payments and wire transfers. And the more electronic payments I make, the more time I save. Plus, I can keep my money in my accounts longer, and that helps me save even more.

With Direct Payments, I can make secure, just in time electronic payments to vendors on a date I specify. And I have the flexibility to schedule payments as one-time or recurring. Plus I can cancel payments up to the business day before a payment is scheduled to be made, avoiding a Stop Payment Fee.

To start using Direct Payments, I sign into Small Business Online Banking click on the Business Services tab and the Overview screen will appear.

Let's start with how to Add and Pay a vendor.

Adding a vendor is simple. I select Add a New Vendor from the Direct Payments section under the Business Services tab. I can add a Domestic or International vendor. To set up an account, I add the vendor's details and account holder information.

Next I select the vendor's bank information by choosing either bank name or routing number. If I enter by name, I type the name of the bank in the field provided and click Verify. If the bank name is recognized, the 9-digit routing number will appear. I can also just enter the bank routing number provided by my vendor and click Verify.

Once the vendor's bank and routing number are complete, I select the account type from the drop-down menu and enter the account number provided to me by my vendor and click Add Account.

When the Preview Page displays, I review the information for accuracy before I click Add Vendor.

Now let's talk about how to pay a vendor.

First, I click Pay a Vendor in the Business Services tab. Using the drop-down menus I select the account I want the funds to be withdrawn from. Then I choose the vendor I want to pay and click Continue.

Now that I have specified my pay from account and vendor, I enter the payment in the amount field and choose my Delivery Speed. I have the option to create a transaction description with my payment, no matter what speed I choose. I can also select the frequency of the payment I am making from the menu.

In the Enter Payment Invoice number field I enter any Purchase Order or Invoice number associated with the payment I'm making. The vendor will receive this PO or invoice number along with each wire payment I make. I can also send my vendor a notification e-mail, letting them know a payment is on the way.

Now that all the details have been filled in, I review everything before I click Send Payment. I always have the opportunity to select cancel if I notice something is wrong. When I click Send Payment, the header will read Vendor Payment Submitted and the page will include all the details of my payment.

Okay, now that we've paid a vendor let's move on to how to Manage Vendors.

With Manage Vendors, I can sort by name, email address, or bank, plus make changes to their business or payment account information.

To start, I click Manage Vendors to review my vendor list and then select a vendor by clicking on the edit link. When I click a vendor name, their information comes up. From here, I can Edit Vendor information and modify the business information and/or payment account information. I can also delete a vendor at any time.

Pretty simple, right? Next we'll talk about viewing Payment History.

With all my vendor payments in one online location, it's easy to sort by date, payment account name, payment amount, or invoice number. So if a vendor calls with a question, it's easy for me to view my payment details and history.

I just click Vendor Payment History and I can see all my payments. I can sort in a number of ways, including Status, Delivery Speed, and Next Payment. And for complete payment information, I click View. This page will display all the details of the payments I have made or scheduled.

By scrolling to the bottom of the Payment screens, I can easily review my payment history for each vendor. And if there is a scheduled Payment that I no longer want to make, I can cancel it while it's still in pending status.

I have a passion for heritage and tradition. But I live in the modern world. Tools and services from Bank of America that work for me 24/7? That's a perfect fit.

Voiceover: A Bank of America small business checking account and enrollment in Small Business Online Banking is required. Call today and enjoy the safety and security you can expect from Bank of America. Or enroll online in a few easy steps.

To enroll, follow 3 easy steps
1. Sign into Small Business Online Banking
2. Select Direct Payments and click "sign up now"
3. Review and agree to terms and conditions and click "enroll"

Or call 866.543.2808, Monday-Friday, 8am-10pm ET

Special offers may now be available.

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The monthly fee for Direct Payments is $10. This covers the first 20 three-day payments to individuals or vendors scheduled in any calendar month. Additional payments are subject to a fee of $2 for each set of five three-day payments. In addition, each next-day payment is $10, each same-day domestic (U.S.) payment is $20, each international payment is $30 for payments sent in foreign currency and $40 for payments sent in U.S. dollars. Small Business Online Banking requires Internet access, and Internet service provider fees may apply.

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