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We’re making changes to how your transactions are posted

Below you will find additional information on the upcoming changes to your account we recently informed you about.

What exactly will change?

Many of your frequent debit transactions on your checking and savings accounts will now be posted in a different order. This order will affect how your transactions appear in Online Banking and on your monthly statements.

How will my transactions be posted going forward?

After the new posting order takes effect, many debit transactions, such as debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals, will generally post in the order you made them. In addition, many checks will post in check number order.

Here’s an example of how it works.

After each business day ends, we’ll group transactions into categories before posting them. Here, we show the most common categories and common types of transactions within each of them. Let’s say we receive the following transactions on a Tuesday. If you review your account the next day, you’ll generally see the transactions in the order shown in this example.


How does the new posting order affect me?

The new posting order won’t affect you if there’s enough available money in your account every day. But if there’s not enough available money, the new posting order may change the number of overdraft fees you incur.

Questions? We’re here to help.

If you have any questions about these changes or other fees that apply to your account, please do one of the following:

  • Call 1.800.432.1000
  • Visit your nearest banking center
  • To learn more about the new posting order, see the addendum at the end of our Deposit Agreement and Disclosures

Small Business customers: If you have questions, please call 1.888.BUSINESS (1.888.287.4637).

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and U.S. Trust clients: If you have any questions about how these changes may affect your account, please call the number on your statement.

To help manage your account and avoid overdraft fees, you can:

For more information about fees that may apply to your accounts, review the Personal Schedule of Fees for the state in which you opened your account at or at your nearby banking center. If you’re a Small Business customer, you can review the Business Schedule of Fees at

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