Payments, invoicing and reporting all in one place with Viewpost®

Bank of America is excited to announce an online invoicing and payment system by Viewpost that's ready to help you and your business. It’s just another example of how we work to connect you with the most effective and convenient services, so you can focus on what’s most important—your business.

Viewpost is looking to change the game by helping businesses across the country improve the efficiency and payment speed of business-to-business transactions. With their consolidated, easy-to-use online system, businesses can access Viewpost from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

With Viewpost, you’ll get:

  • Access on the go

    Viewpost provides an easy-to-use online payments and invoicing tool. It lets you create and send electronic invoices to your customers, receive and pay invoices from suppliers and vendors, as well as track and receive electronic deposits. And since it’s online, you can do all of this almost wherever, whenever it’s best for you.

  • Save time

    Paperless invoices and payments mean you can save time. Your funds are deposited directly into your account, with details sent to your email. Electronic payments also eliminate the cost, risk and inefficiency of paper checks, including managing sensitive account information. Plus, your vendors can track their invoices for better visibility and fewer phone calls you have to respond to. All of these benefits are designed by Viewpost to help you get paid with quick invoicing.

  • Online reporting

    Access your business’ cash flow position right on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. You’ll be able to track or manage your invoices and payments in real time — almost anywhere, anytime. You can also set thresholds to alert you when cash projections are trending low. Plus, you can request early payments of your receivables and offer your customers incentives to encourage early payments.

  • Security & Privacy

    Viewpost watches over your business with security and controls verified and audited by trusted third parties. Your data and the Viewpost network are protected from unauthorized access by a number of defensive measures, including enterprise-strength firewalls, file-level encryption, secured buildings and biometric access controls to the Viewpost data center. You can learn more by visiting the Viewpost website or calling the number below.

  • Syncing simplicity

    Viewpost is easy to adopt and introduce to your business. If you’re using QuickBooks® or Microsoft Dynamics GP®, Viewpost can easily sync up with them. The Viewpost team will guide you through implementation, and setup only takes minutes. Plus, the tool lets you interact with other Viewpost users, all in one place.

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Viewpost brings visibility, efficiency and simplicity to the everyday exchange of invoices and payments through a secure network designed to empower business owners.

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