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More control.
More convenience.

Account ManagementFootnote 1 lets you streamline your accounts and perform online banking tasks securely and efficiently within QuickBooks®. You can also use this tool to delegate the access levels of your accountant and eligible employees.

This also includes:

This also includes:

Customized access to your accounts

  • Establish individual account access levels
  • View of all the users "on" and "off" your account in one place
  • Enjoy increased flexibility: For example, you can allow an employee to view details of one account for specific business needs and allow your accountant to view details of all accounts
  • Manage expanded administrator and account settings

An easy way to manage multiple accounts

  • Manage accounts for multiple businesses
  • Use Bill Pay to allow users to make one-time payments to existing payees, from only the accounts you specifyfootnote 2
  • Transfer funds between different business entity accounts linked to your profile

Try it with no monthly fee for three full months—with no obligation.Footnote 1

That's a value of $15 a month; a total of $45. Plus, there’s no fee for Account Management with Business Advantage Checking accounts.

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