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Pay bills or conveniently transfer money to friends and family.

Automatic/Recurring Payments

Help ensure you don't miss a payment with the easy and secure way to pay recurring bills.

With Bill Pay, you can set up recurring payments. Your payments are automatically made for the amount, frequency and duration you choose. So whether you pay rent each month, send a weekly check to your babysitter or make a monthly car payment, Bill Pay can help you get peace of mind knowing your payments are made securely and on schedule.

Getting started:

  1. 1. Visit the Bill Pay tab within Online Banking and click on Add a new Pay To account (the person or company you will be paying)
  2. 2. Once your Pay To accounts are set up, select the Automatic/Recurring payments link within the Bill Pay tab
  3. 3. When the ‘Automatic Payment’ tab opens, select the Pay To account you want to use
  4. 4. Then select your Pay From account (the account you want funds taken from), enter the payment amount, frequency and duration (weekly, monthly, etc.), and select Set Up Payment

Once complete, recurring payments will be made for the duration you choose, or until you cancel the recurring payment. Remember: Your Online Banking transactions are protected with our Online Banking Security Guarantee .1

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