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Credit Lines

See how credit lines for business credit cards work.

HOST: Did you know your Bank of America business credit card account has separate lines of credit for each employee?

Think of your corporate credit limit as a pie.

Cardholders can have as many slices as they want as long as there's enough pie to go around.

This means the total of the balances on each individual card must be less than or equal to the total corporate limit at all times.

You can control how large of a credit line you give each employee to best suit your business needs.

HOST: Let’s say you're working on a project and you authorized an employee to make a large purchase. Then another employee asks to buy supplies just as you get an alert that your corporate account is near its limit.

You can call us to increase your employee's and corporate credit line, so you won't run out of credit when you need it and there’s plenty of pie to go around!

HOST: Set credit lines for your Business Advantage credit card in Online Banking today.

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