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Security and Protection

HOST: Do you know how many ways your Bank of America business credit card protects your purchases? First, if you buy something. And it breaks. Or gets stolen.

Your retail purchases are protected for

90 days after purchase. And second, Bank of America

doubles the time period of the manufacturers' warranty up to an additional year.

HOST: Plus, when you rent a car with your card, you’re automatically covered for theft and accidents.

And if you have an emergency when you’re traveling, your travel mastercard provides special benefits for that too,

like luggage reimbursement, trip cancellation, trip interruption and trip delay.

So count on total protection when you use your business credit card.

Check your Credit Card Guide to Benefits to learn more.

Credit Security: Additional terms and conditions apply. Details for zero liability and purchase protection will be available when you receive your card. Details for employee misuse will be provided through the owner or authorized officer's online banking profile, located in the new account's Information and Services tab.
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