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Travel Rewards Redemption

HOST: Redeeming the rewards from your Bank of America Business Advantage Travel rewards credit card is easy.

You can see your points in Online Banking by clicking on the rewards tab and redeem them for future travel, gift cards or cash back.

There are no blackout dates or travel restrictions when you redeem points for travel.

HOST: Or redeem points as a statement credit to pay for past travel expenses, even baggage fees.

That way you have total flexibility on how you redeem your points.

Start redeeming your travel rewards today by logging into Online Banking.

The rewards redemption feature is available for eligible consumer and small business credit cards in the Mobile Banking app for iPhone and Android devices. Certain redemption options may not be available in the Mobile App. Redemption choices may have different values. Please visit Online Banking to access the full range of options. Data connection required.  Wireless carrier fees may apply.
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