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Onscreen disclosure 1: Hypothetical small business owner. Not representative of any specific client experience.

Onscreen disclosure 2: Monthly and other fees may apply. See product and pricing details link at the end of this video.

Doree: In my business, I'm always on the move. I have 16 employees and hundreds of demanding "clients". I spend the whole day with my dogs, and that doesn't leave much time for paperwork.

My clients pay by cash or check. Mostly checks. So at the end of the week, I could have up to 50 checks to deposit. Getting to the bank can be a challenge. That's why I started using Remote Deposit Online.

Now I can make check deposits from my "office", instead of making a trip to the ATM or bank.

In my line of work, I'm always looking for new ways to save time and money. That's what I love about Remote Deposit Online—it lets me do both. Now I have the flexibility to manage my business on my time. There's no more scheduling a trip to the bank before it closes, and I have later cutoff times.

Let's start by setting up the scanner.

Setting up the scanner is a breeze. When I enrolled, I had a specialist help me set up the program. Then I read the online user guide and it walked me through the steps to set up the scanner. And if I did need help, a specialist was available to walk me through it.

Since I'm rarely without company, banking on my schedule is key. Next we'll talk about how to deposit checks.

To deposit checks, I just log in to Remote Deposit Online with my Online Banking ID and passcode. The homepage gives me an overview of my options, including making a new deposit and reviewing the deposits I've made in the last 90 days.

When I'm ready to start, I click Create New Deposit. Then I fill in the required information and click Start Capture. Now I can begin inserting the checks through one at a time. It's amazing how fast they go through the scanner. I can scan 50 checks in the time it takes me to make a cup of tea.

Once all my checks have been scanned, I confirm that the deposit amount is correct, and click Complete.

I can also view the image of the back and front of the check I just deposited.

And with later cutoff times, my money is in my account the next business day if I make the deposit the previous business day.

Plus there's a handy online reference guide that helped me along the way as I set up the scanner. And if I had any questions, I could always call customer service.

Bank of America has always been my bank. And when it comes to my business, I rely on their security and expertise to deposit my checks. Because some days, I need all the help I can get. My work is demanding… and so are my clients.

Voiceover: Call to speak with a bank associate who will verify account information, assess your product needs and ensure you qualify for the service. You will need to verify that your computer can support the technical requirements to make deposits remotely.

A Bank of America small business checking account and enrollment in Small Business Online Banking is required. Call today and enjoy the safety and security you can expect from Bank of America.

To enroll, follow 4 easy steps
1. Call 866.283.4075
2. Accept the terms and conditions
3. Once approved you will be sent your scanner
4. Now you're ready to start making deposits

Call 866.283.4075 to enroll, Monday-Friday, 8am-10pm ET

Special offers may now be available.
Call 866.283.4075 to enroll, Monday-Friday, 8am-10pm ET

Bank of America, N.A. Members FDIC. © 2018 Bank of America Corporation.

Remote Deposit Online is subject to approval and availability in your area. A monthly fee will be assessed for this service. You must have an open Bank of America small business deposit account to be enrolled in Small Business Remote Deposit Online, and fees will be billed to that account. Fees may apply for additional services. Transaction and other types of fees associated with your checking account still apply. Please refer to your deposit agreement. Remote Deposit Online requires a contractual agreement with penalty if canceled after initial 30-day trial or prior to expiration of the two-year agreement period.

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Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. © 2018 Bank of America Corporation.
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