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Branch Standard Pricing (Branch Standard Pricing)

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(Balance sheet)

(Ratios of Demand Deposits, Time Deposits and Foreign Currency Deposits to Total Deposit)

(Ratios of Small and Medium-size Enterprise Loans and Consumer Loans to Total Loan)

(Income statement)

(Asset quality)


(Interest Bearing Assets and Interest Paying Liabilities)

(Major Foreign Currencies Net Position)

(Level of financial instrument fair value)

(Exempted from reporting as a Non-Performing Loans or Overdue Account Receivable)

(Concentration of Credit Risk)

(Interest Rate Sensitivity analysis table)

(NTD/USD Maturity analysis table)

(Disposal of non-performing loans)

(Management information)

(Audit Statement)

(Write Off Document)

Interest Calculation for Deposit and Loan

Single enquiry and complaint window for main points of handling specific loans and credit guarantees to non- Small and Medium-size Enterprise

Complaint window

(Dormant Account Reactive Notice)

Risk Disclosure of RMB Business

(AML/CFT Internal Control Statement)

Anti-Money Laundering Resources

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