Send money fast and secure with Zelle®

Easily send, receive and request money from friends and family, no matter where they bank.1

Check out the video to learn how to get started.

Get set up now so you're ready to send and receive money:

  1. Sign in to the app2 and tap Transfer | Send in the menu bar. If you haven't already enrolled, select Begin Setup.
  2. Next, go to Add/Edit Your Email/Mobile # and select the account where you want to receive money.
  3. Check your email or text messages for confirmation and you're ready to go.

Not a Bank of America customer? You can still receive money using Zelle. Register with Zelle today.


Pay your roommate rent, or pay back a co-worker for lunch.

  1. Tap "Transfer | Send" then "Send"

  2. Select your recipient and enter the amount

  3. Include an optional note and tap "Send Money"


Looking for a nice way to ask for money from a friend for last night's dinner? Or need money from Mom?

  1. In the app, select "Request", then select the contact you're requesting money from.

    You can only request money from contacts using their email address unless they have registered their mobile number with Zelle.

  2. Enter the amount you're requesting and the account the funds should be sent to.

  3. Include an optional note, confirm and send the request.

    The recipient will receive an email request to pay you back.


Need an easy way to divide the dinner check? Or be paid back for a group gift you bought?

  1. In the app, tap "Split," then select each contact in the group who owes you money.

  2. Enter the total amount you're requesting.

    Choose the account for it to be deposited to and the app will calculate each person's share. You can change each amount if the total shouldn't be split evenly.

  3. Include an optional note, confirm and send the request.

    The recipient will receive an email request to pay you back.

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