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Spend less time at the ATM

Use your phone to speed up your trip.

When you need cash but are short on time, use our mobile app to set up an ATM withdrawal in advance and your cash will be ready for pick up at any Bank of America ATM when you get there.


  1. Set up withdrawal

    Next, choose the amount of cash you want
  2. You’re ready to get your cash

    Use either your phone’s Digital Wallet or your debit card at the ATM, enter your PIN and pick up your cash

Forgot your card or in a rush? Use your smartphone to get cash and make deposits at select Bank of America ATMs using your digital walletFootnote 1 including Android Pay, Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay. Set up is easy – just upload your eligible debit card to your digital wallet.


  1. Access your digital wallet

    At the ATM, select your Bank of America debit card in your digital wallet
  2. Hold your phone over the ATM’s contactless symbol

    Then access the card in your wallet with the touch of your finger
  3. Enter your PIN

    Just type in your debit card PIN on the ATM, and start your transaction

Eligible cards: Consumer Debit Cards, US Trust Debit Cards, Small Business Debit Cards (owner card only).