Step 1

Move your small business’s automated deposits/credits to your new Bank of America account

To get started, print and fill out the Automated Payment/Deposit Change Request form. Then, provide this form to companies, such as vendors or merchants that send direct deposits into your old account.

To transfer automated credits/deposits, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your Bank of America account number
  • Your Bank of America routing number

TIP: To find your routing number, you can either:

Step 2

Transfer automatic payments/debits to your new Bank of America account

Next, move your automated payments/debits to your new Bank of America account with the Automated Payment/Deposit Change Request form. Print it, fill it out and send it to the companies that you send automatic payments to.

To transfer automatic payments from your former bank account to your new Bank of America account, you need the following information:

  • Bank of America account number
  • Bank of America ACH routing transit number

Step 3

Close your old small business account

  • Stop using your former bank account, but be sure to keep enough funds in it to cover any outstanding checks, automatic withdrawals and automatic payments
  • Balance your books on your old account, making sure any outstanding checks clear before you close it
  • Once your last check, automatic withdrawal and automatic payment have cleared, you are ready to close your former accounts. Financial institutions require a request in writing including a signature to close an account. Use our helpful Close Account Request form. It may take up to six weeks for your closing request to be processed
  • Remember to destroy your old checks and cards, but save your old financial records for business and tax purposes

Step 4

Start using your new checking account

  • Enroll in Small Business Online Banking first, and you’ll find setting up most everything else on this checklist is a snap
  • Make deposits to get your account funded at an ATM by transferring funds1 with Small Business Online Banking, by phone or at a financial center
  • Activate your debit card by calling the telephone number on your card, at the nearest ATM with your card and PIN, at a Bank of America financial center, or by making a purchase with your card and PIN
  • Order checks at or by calling 1.800.234.6147 (English) toll-free if you haven’t received your checks or need additional checks or business deposit tickets
  • Customize business alerts2 to receive a timely email or text message about your account activity. Sign in to Small Business Online Banking to set up alerts
  • Set up online Bill Pay by adding payees and scheduling payments. Sign in to Small Business Online Banking to pay your first bill
  • Sign up for Overdraft Protection3 by linking your eligible checking account to your savings account, credit card or line of credit. Call 1.888.287.4637
TIP: Fund your account and activate your card at the same time at an ATM
TIP: For easier reorders, sign in to Small Business Online Banking and click the customer service tab
TIP: Make bill due dates one of your custom business alerts so payments are paid timely